For sale! Apartments (studio) in Georgia at sea - Residential Compleх "Pearl Of Ureki"

For sale! Apartments (studio) in Georgia at sea - Residential Compleх "Pearl Of Ureki"

Georgia, Ureki

  • Guests: 4
  • Rooms: 1
  • Guests: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Beach Distance: 100 m
From 49 900 USD / lot 
From 3 624 005 RUB / lot
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The bright sunny Ureki resort located on a Black Seaside in Georgia is ready to show its hospitality to millions of tourist coming to Georgia for vacation and rest. One of the most attractive sights is its location straight on the Black Seaside and the unique black magnetic sand.

Ureki resort one of the most popular and attractive recreation area on the Black Seaside in Georgia. The distinction of Ureki resort is really unique black magnetic sand. Magnetic sand are famous worldwide: there are some in Japan, Argentina, Bulgaria, Russia, Slovenia and etc. but only in Ureki resort concentration of magnet goes up to 70%. This fenomen is a result of unique geological concatenation of circumstances.

To compare prices on real estate market in Georgia (specifically in Ureki resort) you can find out that the level of the price goes several times below AA rating in Russian Federation. And of course Ureki resort has much more advantages like Black seaside location, unique magnetic sands, developing infrastructure and etc. Year by year prices are bumping up so don’t miss your last chance to get the property on a beautiful and picturesque Black Seaside in Ureki resort. Note: Specified price is turn key.

About the project:

The Project “Pearl of Ureki” situated on the Black Seaside in Georgia is one of the most attractive buildings in Ureki resort.

Unique and the only 12 floor building in Ureki resort, situated on a Black Seaside with an amazing view on mountains and sea:

From the seashore to the building only 100 meters of a pine boscage

Modern technologies and high-tech materials with an acoustic- and heath insulation

Central water supply, drain and  central canalization system were put into operation in autumn 2015 / gas is ready to connect.

Express glass elevator goes up to 12th floor

Developed area with parking spaces for 30 cars with private car wash

Green spaced area near the building

Modern foyer (entrance) with 24/7 video surveying for whole area and parking spaces

Terrace-loft, launch and chillim bar on the roof with a Jacuzzi on a high of 42 meters. An amazing panoramic view on a Black Seaside and mountains from the restaurant on the roof

Notify: flats on 2-6 floors were sold during the season 2015. More than 60 families live in the building.

The complex had been finished completely in 2018. Now it has been passed over for exploitation by state commission - February 2019)

Attention! Great and exclusive advantage! Five in one! Plot owner, Developer, Builder, Property Manager and Seller  - is the same company

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